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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inspirations for Mon., June 20, 2011

Inspirations for Mon., June 20, 2011 from www.successisyou.org

Sometimes even more inspirational than quotations, are results of the day to day efforts of others.  One example was the June 18th BDPA Cleveland S.I.T.E.S. Awards Program.  While more coverage of this event is forthcoming, basically the ceremony acknowledged the efforts of eight students, a staff of volunteers,  and parents.  The ceremony was held at the Dolan Center of Cleveland's John Carroll University.

The students made presentations, received acknowledgement and awards, and provided feedback on the program.  Parents joined in with their input, and accolades flowed.  A corporate supporter offered summer student internships, and a BDPA member shared information about an exciting international program.

This room was filled to capacity, the atmosphere was "electric" and the harvest was plenty.  A BIG THANK YOU to BDPA Cleveland Member Sylvia Calhoun, her staff of volunteers, John Carroll University and others too numerous to mention at this time.  STAY tuned for more on this and other exciting BDPA Cleveland Programs.  Please check out the photos and additional information on the BDPA Cleveland Web Site at www.bdpa-cleveland.org.


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