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Monday, September 19, 2011

Inspirations for Tue., Sep. 20, 2011

Inspirations for Tue., Sep. 20, 2011


LIVE IN NORTHEAST OHIO (or anyplace that gets C-O-L-D in the Winter)?



I cheated on my FEARS, broke up with DOUBTS, got engaged with FAITH, and now I'm marrying my DREAMS!!!

Thanks to LeShaun Spencer for sharing the above with us.


The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.

Cecil B. DeMille
1881-1959, Film Director and Producer


The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.

Pearl Buck
1892-1973, Winner of both the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize for her writing.


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