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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Absolute Auto Service Center - R. Alan Bigelow - 5 Point Rating

A 5 Point Rating without even touching my Car!  

How? Glad you asked.

  • Just hours before the end of the last workday before Thanksgiving they squeezed me in to replace my "bad"battery.
  • They didn't laugh at me when I discovered on the way to my appointment that an open trunk lid was likely the reason the battery kept going down overnight.
  • They already had a 5 Point Rating, so my experience just confirms it.

Put this on your "Be Careful List."  
  • Seems that even in a darkened garage, the trunk light is not likely to be noticed.
  • Also, the trunk release can be activated from several yards away (inside the house) through walls and doors.  Of course I checked that when I returned home.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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