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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Don't Encourage My Kid (or Yours)!

Article by Henry Ford

That is the message I hear from those who don’t want their school systems to air President Obama’s message to students encouraging them to stay in school. The reasoning I’ve heard most often is that the speech might be political. I am certain many of the messages young people hear in school contain political content. It is unavoidable that opinions are expressed during the process of what we know as Education. Strangely, I don’t recall this much uproar when Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush addressed students.

I also notice that most of the furor is coming from those areas where the school systems already have comparatively high graduation rates. Dissenters are well aware that their dissent can impact others and their children. And those happy with the status quo certainly don’t want those “other folks” to be encouraged! If you are one who might be one of the “other folks” I urge you to keep reading.

For those interested in a second opinion, I invite you to read my recent article at http://visionsnewsletter.blogspot.com/2009/08/youth-young-adult-corner-staying-in.html. I am not the president, so that article in the words of Gil Scott Heron “will not be televised.” Of course with your help the article can still be publicized. Please pass along this article to anyone who has a young person who might benefit from some additional encouragement.

This article definitely is about as non-political as I can make it, and the proof is that I am not running for any office. Also, the article reflects not only my desire to encourage, but also reflects the actions of one of the few, one of the proud, one of our U.S. Marines. Yes one of those who put their lives on the line, so we have the right to deny our young people the encouragement by their duly elected president!

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