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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Inspirations for Mon., Sep. 28, 2009

INSPIRATIONS for Mon., Sep. 28, 2009


Every intersection in the road of life is an opportunity to make a decision.

Duke Ellington
(1899-1974) Musician and composer


Pa, he always said a man had to look spry for himself, because nobody else would do it for him; your opportunities didn't come knocking around, you had to hunt them up and hog-tie them.

Louis L'Amour


We have recently added two sub-domains to the “Success is YOU” family. Even though both sub-domains should have added features soon, they are now functional and we hope you will visit them often and pass along to others.

The improvements include:
http://www.articles.successisyou.org/ Syndicated Articles (updated daily) on nearly any topic you can imagine
http://www.biz.successisyou.org/ Valuable business links

A current list of our “Success Sites” can be found on the left side panel of our Home Page at http://www.successisyou.org/. As always, we THANK YOU for visiting our sites and referring others.

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