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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Inspirations for Mon., Feb. 8, 2010

Inspirations for Mon., Feb. 8, 2010


A BIG THANK YOU to Rev. Jeanette Pintar who keeps giving, giving and giving through a variety of ministries. Rev. Pintar was kind enough to share one of my articles, along with her compassionate commentary to her extensive worldwide audience of web site and e-mail followers. She also shared that information with her recently created FACEBOOK group.

I urge you to view her comments along with my message at:

If you are not a FACEBOOK member, you can view the article at http://www.sfpnn.com/PNNs/Special2010/ps020510.htm.

I am prayerful that you will benefit from the article, and also hopeful that you will consider connecting to Rev. Pintar’s powerful, passionate and inspiring ministry.


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