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Monday, February 07, 2011

Black History Facts by Text Message?

Currently there is a campaign urging people during the month of February to have a “FREE” daily Black History Fact sent by text message, where of course “your mobile provider's standard text messaging rates may apply.” I am all for using technology to further knowledge, particularly when it strengthens our belief system and advances understanding between people. I would be remiss however, if I did not add to this “opportunity” a few questions and comments.


 Where are you going to be when you read the message (driving, hurrying from point A to point B, in a conversation with someone about something totally unrelated to Black History)?

 How long are you going to retain this Daily Fact?

 What are you going to do in March, and April, and May and all the other months until February 1, 2012?

 Do you really need or want to add “standard text messaging rates” to your expenditures when there are options?

 Who is the major beneficiary of “standard text messaging rates”? The answer is probably major stockholders in utility companies! Are you a major stockholder in a utility company?


 Visit and follow our blog at http://successisyou.blogspot.com/ and under Educational Links you will gain access to a web site that has loads of Black History facts every day of the year and “standard text messaging rates” DO NOT APPLY!  Keep up with technology by developing a habit of following Technology Experts at links such as http://bdpa-cleveland.blogspot.com/, http://bdpa.org/ and links that advocate Social Responsibilty in conjunction with technology use such as http://electronicvillage.blogspot.com/

 Visit our Educational Page at http://www.successisyou.org/page07.html for additional links to excellent Black History Resources where “standard text messaging rates” DO NOT APPLY!

 Take the time to become involved in local activities commemorating Black History Month.

 Take the time to learn from the significant contributions of people of color, and in the process create a legacy worthy of tomorrow’s students of Black History.

 Do not believe that your history can or should be confined to twenty-eight short, quickly forgotten, and potentially costly text messages. You and your ancestors already paid dearly for Black History. It is not necessary to pay again!

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