Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

SORRY THAT THIS LINK IS NOT CURRENTLY WORKING (11-27-13 - 9:49 pm) - Apparently some Turkey took the Turkey off the site!

Only my "live" and beautiful cousin Beatrice Vinson Foster could have run across this Turkey - Click on image: 

Happy Thanksgiving at http://images.businessweek.com/ss/05/11/egreetings/image/01.swf

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kent State University Educator Announces New Book

Our good friend Constance Peek-Longmire shared this message with us:

"Friends please support me at my book signing on Saturday, December 14 (10:30 am - 12noon) at the Twinsburg Public Library 10050 Ravenna Rd. Twinsburg, Oh 330-425-4268. 'I Miss Talking to You' is an inspirational book about my parents."  
For more about Dr. Longmire and up-to-date information about the Book Signing, please visit https://www.facebook.com/constance.peeklongmire?fref=ts

PDHA Honors UNSUNG HEROES in Lavish New York Ceremony

Earlier this month, the People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards Committee (PDHA) acknowledged UNSUNG HEROES from around the world in a grand ceremony at New York City College.  Although I was unable to attend, I have been kept informed about some of the lives they acknowledged, and some they changed forever.  Just a taste of the positive feedback has been shared by founder Al Cole.  To see these rave reviews, CLICK HERE!  For additional information about PDHA, visit there web site at http://peopleofdistinction.org/