Sunday, December 02, 2018

I Am So Glad I Did Not Eat That Donut!

I Am So Glad I Did Not Eat That Donut!

Proof That One Should Do What They Say

By: Henry Ford at www.successisyou.org

On November 18th I attended a Book Signing, where I had the good fortune to meet Margaret Bernstein, Director of Advocacy & Community Initiatives at WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland.  Margaret is a former newspaper columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and is the author of several books, including Donuts with Dad.  Her competence, high visibility and warm personality has resulted in many fans and followers.

As I was leaving the Book Signing, Margaret offered me a donut from her Display Table.  After refusing several times, I finally decided to take one to go; and commented to Margaret that “I will take this to my wife.”  Fast forward to December 2nd. Margaret Bernstein has a Book Signing at my church, Mt. Zion of Oakwood Village. This time good fortune (and early arrival) caused us to cross paths as she was taking books into the church.  Once inside the church, I introduced Margaret and her daughter to my wife Dianne. After exchanging the customary “so nice to meet you” comments; Margaret asked Dianne, “Did you enjoy the donut I sent you?” Dianne’s response was; “I sure did, and Thank You!”

I was completely floored, but managed to ask Margaret; “Are you trying to get me busted?”  Of course, there was laughter from all involved; but only because I had been sincere and truthful in my intentions.  The obvious “what if” in this scenario is “what if I had eaten that donut?” Chances are that I may have felt the need to make up a lie (remember we’re in church), to cover up insincerity.  My credibility would have been weakened with Margaret, her daughter; and OH YES, with my wife Dianne. Even the great taste of a Glazed Donut cannot remove the bad aftertaste of insincerity.

Two  Facts From My Experience:
Margaret Bernstein has a great memory.
You should get your own donut and give it to someone you love (CLICK HERE!)