Sunday, October 27, 2019

Avon Representative Cheryl Kilroy


Bowling Green Choir Visits Mt. Zion of Oakwood Village

A Big Thank You to the Bowling Green University Choir for coming to Mt. Zion of Oakwood Village on Sunday, October 27th.  Please come back again.  You "ROCKED THE HOUSE."

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You may view two of the video clips by clicking here and here!

Thank you again, and Stay Blessed!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Blueprint for Self-Publishing by TKI Publishing (Willie & Rachel Scott)

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Willie and Rachel Scott, owners of TKI Publishing, presented one of the most thorough and enlightening presentations I've attended, and I have attended many.  The powerful and personable husband-wife team combined knowledge, purpose, passion, and patience, in their presentation; Blueprint for Self-Publishing, to a grateful, near-capacity audience at the Twinsburg Public Library on October 19th.  Northeast Ohio authors, writers, and those in the "thinking about it" stage, were treated to a no-cost summary of many of the HOW TO's and HOW NOT TO's of publishing.  

The Scotts' well-planned and fact-filled presentation was augmented by their ability and willingness to masterfully maneuver through audience questions and concerns that sometimes were not a part of the planned script.  With all the real and imagined challenges of writing and publishing, I thought their ability to stay centered and focused, while maintaining flexibility, was simply amazing.

What was even more amazing than the workshop being "content-heavy, well-presented, pressure-free, and cost-free", was Rachael Scott's repeated reminder that they would be willing to stay around for an additional hour after the presentation for questions and consultation not covered during the scheduled question and answer period.

The Scotts' knowledge, presentation, and willingness to engage their audience earns them a superior rating.  Considering the challenges (and opportunities) of writing and publishing, I urge anyone with the desire to begin (or resume) the journey toward their dream, to consider TKI as a resource.  And if you think you have all the answers, but the results are not what you think they should be, you really might want to consider TKI. The letter "S" can signify "Stuck", but it can also mean "Standby, help is available."  

For help or additional information, visit www.TKIPublishing.com or email contact@TKIPublishing.com.

The Art of it All, presented by Made by Kids - October 20, 2019

The Art of it All, presented by Made by Kids was a truly revealing and inspiring event.  The 5th Annual Fundraising Event took place at the Hilton Garden Inn in Twinsburg, Ohio, Sunday, October 20th.  The nearly sold out event is best reflected by the photos and video clips taken during  the program.  

You had to be there to feel and share the excitement of the talented and inspiring young people, to enjoy the food and warm hospitality, and to meet and share with other community supporters.  

If you were enable to attend, hopefully next year you will find room in your heart and on your calendar to sign up and show up.  Meanwhile, please enjoy the available photos and video clips at the links below.

For information about Made by Kids, contact mbkids15@gmail.com.

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