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World Kindness Liberia Used Clothes Distribution

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World Kindness Liberia Used Clothes Distribution

Liberia was established by freed slaves from America in 1822. The population of Liberia as of the National Statistics of 2008 stands at 3.5 million. Liberia entered into a bloody civil war in December 1989 that   lasted until July 2003.  The country is still struggling to recover from the 14 years of bloody civil war which took away more than 250,000 lives and ransacked the entire country, leaving so much of wounds to be healed. The government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first post-war democratically elected president has been struggling to put the broken pieces of Liberia together which has yet remained an ever evolving challenge with the poor economic condition of the country.

At another front of the already devastated condition for Liberia is the eruption of one of the world’s deadliest diseases ever known in human history-the Ebola Virus. The virus entered into Liberia from neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone in March, 2014 and has taken away the lives of more than 2700 people many of whom were bread winners for their families. The virus continues to take away several lives and no one can predict when the situation will actually subside.

Among the numerous social burdens resulting from the deadly Ebola Virus Epidemic on the society in Liberia is the abundance of children now left without breadwinners who would continue to live in total neglect and wants if their calls on kindness are not heard timely.

World Kindness Liberia’s Direct Intervention

One of the worst affected communities by the deadly Ebola Virus epidemic in Monrovia is a very poor community called Wheinzon. More than 8 homes in the same neighborhood were struck by the bullets from the virus leaving scores of children without their breadwinners.

A house to house survey was conducted by World Kindness Liberia on July 22, 2015 from which a total of 19 desperately needy children of the deadly Ebola Virus victims were enlisted to benefit from a used clothes ration along with 63 other children among others living in total desolation in the Wheinzon community. There were a total of 39 females beneficiaries ranging from age 7 months to 17 years, and in the male category 43 benefitted ranging from age 1month to 17 years.

On July 25, 2015, the eve of  Liberia’s Independence Day, World Kindness Liberia carried on the distribution of used clothes from which every child who was enrolled benefitted. The used clothes distribution was a milestone in the piloting phase of World Kindness Liberia’ charity programs and in the history of the organization.


The requests from the parents guidance of these kids that kept ranging over and over in the ears of World Kindness Liberia is the need for assistance to help these children to go to school, there will be no other way for them if kindness is not extended to them in such a way.

It becomes challenging because World Kindness Liberia at the moment has not identified any source of funding through which it could make such crucial and meaning impact on the lives of these precious children. Unfortunately, schools are about to be officially reopened in September, 2015 after the slowdown of the Ebola Virus epidemic. Registration should begin in August, 2015.

However, World Kindness Liberia is opened to any help from anyone who may wish to make such an impact in the life of a child. They still need more clothes, shoes, school bags, copybooks, pens, pencils, etc.

Your kindness can take a child to another level.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

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