Tuesday, May 21, 2019

L.E.A.P. Program 5-20-2019 - Taking Giant Steps Forward with Kaylyn and "Brit"

        Kaylyn Longmire                 Attorney Brittany Brantley

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To proclaim there are never any dull moments at the Twinsburg Community L.E.A.P. Program would be an understatement of huge proportions.  Every time I think I’ve seen it all, I’m amazed and delighted at what’s next.  My first surprise upon entering the May 20th meeting, was to be greeted by Kaylyn Longmire, Dr. Constance Longmire’s talented and charming daughter.  It turns out Kaylyn was in town for more than just a visit.  She delivered an informative and timely message entitled “First year of College.”  Kaylyn shared valuable information that covered Adjustments she had to make, Successful Practices, Top Concerns, Helpful Tools, and much more; including the experience of studying and living abroad.  In addition to her thorough verbal presentation, she supplied a Handout, and offered to share her Email Address to those who wanted to contact her later.  Her knowledge and passion were matched by her willingness to give back to her community, and so relevant to an audience with a high percentage of prospective college students.  

As if that were not enough reward for being in attendance, it turns out that Kaylyn was only a part of the program.  One young lady that showed up I had not seen at any of the earlier programs.  When she arrived, I imagined the word about the L.E.A.P. program was spreading to other students at the High School, so obviously she was a new program participant.  I was 100% wrong!  She was not a high school student, but Attorney Brittany N. Brantley, the speaker for the evening.  Once I closed my mouth and wiped the amazed look off my face; I, along with the program staff and participants were treated to Attorney Brantley’s insightful presentation on Personal Branding.  

I may get into trouble for referring to her as “Attorney Brantley” because after she was introduced, and tried to shrug off her achievements, she urged the audience to “just call me Brit.”  She let us know she didn’t relish titles or stand on ceremony.  That made her all the more likable.  Not only did she share valuable time and information, but she downplayed herself, to place the focus on encouraging and uplifting others.  To view her current BIO, Click Here!

The evening could not have gone better, than to be in the presence of two very powerful, compassionate, and humble young ladies who understood and demonstrated their success did not occur in a vacuum.  They also recognize that giving back to the community is a major part of that success.  Those lessons taught and learned, along with the images projected by Kaylyn and Brit, are just as important as the information that was shared.

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