Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The 68-Day Miracle - Available on Kindle and Paperback

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Henry Ford is a well-known, actively involved member of our small suburban/pseudo-rural Northeastern Ohio locale. I first made his acquaintance at the Twinsburg Public Library, a favorite and “happening place” of our close-knit community; however his reputation as a kind, sensible man of good character preceded him. Since our meeting I’ve shared my involvement in genealogy research and my absolute passion for multicultural studies and family history. He has since joined me as a member of the African-American Genealogical Society of Cleveland.

Henry is committed to not only the biological folks he claims as family, but also the ideal of family as a God-ordained collective of multi-generational relatives sharing histories, strengths, themes, and traditions. He unashamedly shares his belief in a power greater than himself and credits the Lord for the successful culmination of hard work and faith. Even so, if you read between the lines you may sense the Lord’s presence and guidance throughout the years over many generations. Although Henry is telling the story of the family reunion that “almost wasn’t” the more important message is a life lesson which resonates beyond the pages of this book, and that is the importance of preserving relationships, particularly family relations and having the Lord at the center of your plans.

Having had a successful corporate career in addition to leadership experiences, Henry used his voice to share his story with humor and vivid imagery that creative readers can follow closely with understanding and affirming nods as they turn the next page.

                        Dr. Suszanne A. Hawthorne-Clay

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