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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Danyll Jones Lockhart - Women's History in the Making

Recognizing Danyll Jones Lockhart

Photos are property of Danyll Jones Lockhart
Meeting Danyll Jones Lockhart was to me like "connecting the dots."  Many years ago, my mentor Harvey Alston introduced me to the Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation (HOBY).  On several occasions I traveled to college campuses in Ohio speaking to young and gifted students in the HOBY program.  Harvey let me know that he recommended me not so much because I could inspire these young people, but in part because they could inspire me, and that they did.  Fast forward to February 2010, when I was blessed to meet Danyll Jones Lockhart, the current Director of National Programs at HOBY.  How blessed I was to meet the lady that is so instrumental in the development of the program that did so much for my career.  I cannot say Thank You enough to Danyll, Harvey, and the many students and HOBY volunteers who over the years have boosted my attitude and my career.

Because I somehow made this about me when my intent was to focus on Danyll, please accept my apologies and allow me to get back on track.  Danyll's background includes service with the National Urban League and Urban League of Greater Cleveland. She makes a huge difference in the lives of the individuals she touches, helping them to grow personally and professionally. Those individuals in turn often make a lasting difference in their communities.  

Our congratulations and best wishes to Danyll.  You can learn more about her by pressing here!

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