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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Henrietta Ford - Women's History

Recognizing Henrietta Ford


I am nearly half-way through the month of March and my effort to acknowledge some who have made or are making what we refer to as "Women's History".  I admit we cannot separate one history from another, for it is all intertwined.  Regardless, I'm attempting to highlight a few people before either my energy or the month of March runs its course.  

A few days ago, my sister Jean posted a tribute to our mom on Facebook, and it occurred to me that our mother certainly was a History Maker.  She taught us so many lessons, including the wherewithal to survive racially charged high school experiences, years of profiling in Corporate America, and the "frog in the barrel" mentality of those intent on pulling others down.  She taught us to respect others.  Decades before a similar phrase was coined, she insisted that regardless of whomever, or whereever, or whenever, or why ever "others went low, we were to go high."  

As I acknowledge our mom during Women's History Month, please take a moment to reflect and give thanks to those moms, grandmothers, aunties, big sisters, role models, and whomever else has positively impacted your life.  Acknowledge that you haven't become all that you are, without the help of others.  Understand that someone may be in need of your example; make it a great one!   

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