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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Uba Onwudiwe - Women's History in the Making

Recognizing Uba Onwudiwe
- Photo is property of Uba Onwudiwe -

Uba Onwudiwe is truly multi-talented, spirit-filled and compassionate.  An accomplished actress and entertainer, she is also a tireless advocate for peace and justice.  

She celebrates and cherishes the strong foundation of her Nigerian heritage, by blossoming in the lives of others.  Her nurturing nature provide a bountiful harvest to those whom she touches. Refusing to take credit for her own success, she gives all credit to God and for those God has placed in her life.  

Keeping up with Uba's long list of accomplishments is a never-ending challenge, and just like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill, the list keeps growing and growing; so I urge you to learn more about her at http://www.nollywoodbroadcastingservice.com.

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