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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Shirley Williams - Women's History in the Making

Recognizing Shirley Williams


- Photo is property of Shirley Williams -

Shirley Williams is certainly a lady who “breaks the mold.”  My early experiences in Social Media involved me asking plenty of questions.  Many of the answers came from Shirley, who at that time had founded a Social Media Group that reached beyond geographical borders, and beyond the boundaries of gender, race, religion, nationality, and culture.  The group represented people from over 160 countries.

Amazingly, despite the administrative challenges she faced, Shirley was always available to answer questions, help with challenges, or simply there when I needed reassurance or inspiration.  Who was this lady, I wondered?  It turns out that the question is still being answered.  Any time I think I have a complete answer, Shirley reveals another talent, shows up in another country as a trainer and "diplomat", and connects the dots in another puzzle.  Her background also includes being a Radio Talk Show Host, and she has even studied Studied Endocrine Pharmacology (whatever that is) at the University of Toronto.

A British born, Canadian citizen, Shirley  travels the world to fulfill the demands of those who need solutions to business challenges.  One might ask how she has built such a strong, diverse and growing client base.  The answer to that question include her strong skills in mathematics and science, and a warm and engaging personality. She is a trained scientist.  Her strong belief and vast experience in diversity add another level of desirability to the demand for her services.  

Shirley has also developed a balance between long hard hours of work, and relaxation and rejuvenation.  Her appreciation of taking in the beauty of her surroundings adds to her knowledge and appreciation of life.  



Shirley’s love of others is evident in her sharing of concerns about social issues.  When people are indifferent or “asleep at the wheel”, she issues a gentle wake up call. When tensions are high, Shirley interjects calm.

Shirley was also acknowledged during our Black History Month tributes, as we crossed our Northern Border with Canada to mention one of her many contributions. That blog post can be seen by PRESSING HERE!

So to Shirley, we say Thank You, Congratulations, Blessings, Best Wishes, and of course, Cheers!

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