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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Peggy Martin - Women's History in the Making

Recognizing Peggy Martin


- Photo is property of Peggy Martin -

In seems that these days, if you gather 100 people together, you will have at least 101 opinions.  One thing I can get agreement on is that Peggy Martin is a blessing.  A retired Atlanta area School Principal, Peggy's cheering section extends far beyond Atlanta area schools and our large extended family.  Low-key, even-tempered, warm, friendly, encouraging, and more!  Listing Peggy's qualities just makes you use up all the good words.  

Having faced more than her share of disappointments and challenges, Peggy nevertheless always finds compassion, time and energy to help others with their needs.  Almost anything you ask of her that is legal, moral, and reasonable, you can consider to be done.  Not only will it be done, but done well, on time, and without fanfare or any expectation of some favor in return.  Peggy is actively involved with her grandson Jordan, and is successfully instilling the values in him that will insure the continuation of a great legacy and history.  

And by the way, I have some cousins from Buffalo, New York that will put an old-fashioned whipping on me if I don't mention that Peggy "belonged" to Buffalo before becoming a resident of Atlanta. Everyone wants to claim her, and to know her is to understand. 

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