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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Janet Derr-Littman - Women's History in the Making

Recognizing Janet Derr-Littman



- Photo is property of Janet Derr-Littman -

Janet Derr-Littman is currently writing chapters in the pages of Women's History.  She has risen above some of life's major challenges, and in doing so, provided a path and continued hope for others.  When faced with the untimely passing of her husband Keith several years ago, Janet's faith, strength and resolve helped to bring her through.  Her strength of character is an example that is difficult to match.  

Through the challenges Janet continued to raise a fine son, and keep her warm smile and charming personality. She is an example of the many women who with prayer, work, and sacrifice, are the glue that holds together that which would otherwise fall apart.   She is truly a precious jewel. admired and loved by family, friends, and associates.  Janet is also a talented photographer, and is always willing to help others by freely sharing her expertise with those who need a helping hand.

Thank you Janet for who you are.

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  1. Thank you for the honor of your Women's History Post and your kind words. Chase and I are truly blessed to be part of this family.